About the website

This website was first created on December of 2016 as clairefoy.com.br, a Brazilian website for Claire. Months later, in 2017, I saw that there was not a lot of people in Brazil who supported Claire’s carreer, so I changed the language and adopted claire-foy.com. On June of 2017 I finally opened the website and the rest is history.

About the webmaster

Name: Danielle Cabral;
Lives in: Santa Catarina, Brazil;
Age: 22;
Other site: leonardo-dicaprio.net;
Interested in: Economics (one semester away from getting my graduation degree), PHP, CSS, HTML and digital marketing (I have some courses and work with WordPress and Woocommerce customizations and creations);
Favorites besides Claire: Leonardo DiCaprio, Andy Samberg and Matchbox Twenty (specially Rob Thomas).

This page was last modified on June 1, 2018.