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Recently, Claire Foy talked her recent projects, such as The Crown, Unsane and The Girl in the Spider’s Web to Io Donna Italy. She was also photographed for the magazine, check out the pictures below:

Check out the complete interview below:

Berlin, Babelsberg studies. Claire Foy is sitting on a chair with her wrists tied. You can not move. He is undergoing the interrogation of a man who for the moment we only see from behind. A drop of sweat drops from her forehead along her right cheek. He stares intently into his eyes before the order arrives from afar: «Stop». It is Fede Alvarez, the director, who announces a break. The spotlights come on, technicians enter the set and replace various objects and tools. One releases her wrists. The man with his back moves away. Claire Foy instead stays there, on the chair, looking at an unspecified point in the background. He does not notice that we are watching. He is not in a hurry. He seems to need to mentally move away from the role he plays: that of Lisbeth Salander, the heroine of the Millennium series, ready to return to the screens thanks to a new novel by David Lagercrantz, the Swedish writer and journalist chosen by the Stieg Larsson family to carry on the saga, abruptly interrupted by his death, in 2004.

The film, like the book (published in Italy by Marsilio), is titled The one that does not kill and will be released next fall all over the world (from us on October 31st). It is a sequel that chronologically follows what happened in The Queen of Paper Castles. On the big screen, Claire Foy collects the baton of her colleague Noomi Rapace. “Lisbeth Salander is now a symbol, a woman who breaks any kind of cliché: computer enthusiast, motorcyclist and fighter. I had to study and think a lot to represent all the facets ». The thirty-four-year-old English actress has a lot of experience on set. He started ten years ago with several television series, but it is only thanks to the role of Elizabeth II in The Crown, which earned her the Golden Globe, which has gained international popularity. “It’s a period of great work and I almost have no more time to stop for a moment and think about the best look for me, I always go around with my characters”. This is his moment: in addition to what he does not kill, he has been in the cinemas with Unsane, experimental thriller signed by Steven Soderbergh, a film shot entirely with an iPhone.

Piercing, tattoos, leather clothing: how comfortable do you feel as Lisbeth Salander?
I’m not an aggressive looking girl, but I do not consider myself a “quiet” person. Above all as an adolescent I often had to repress anger. Acting was a great therapy for me.

Did you have to struggle a lot to become an actress?
My family has always supported me, but it is true that until I had a serious health problem (at 17 years had a benign tumor in one eye, ed) I had never thought about how precious life is and should be engage in any project where you decide to launch.

What did make you get angry as an adolescent?
I was a girl too responsible, I never really rebelled against my parents (divorced since she was eight years old, Claire was raised by her mother with her two older sisters). I wanted to be an outsider and to be able to make mistakes like many of my peers at the time, but I never felt right. And this caused me to get upset often, sometimes inappropriately. I lacked an outlet valve, a bit as it probably happened to Lisbeth Salander when very young.

Also in Unsane you play a woman victim of abuse, like Lisbeth, who is looking for her own way to rebel against…
They are two very different characters, yet similar in the determination they have in wanting to solve the question. Talking about feminism today also means, and above all, starting from the premise that a woman has no means of a man to take dramatic issues such as stalking and violence in general.

Do not you believe in the proper functioning of the institutions?
Yes, but I think the first step should always come from the victim. Only in this way can the risk of certain facts or situations be re-proposed. To interpret Lisbeth Salander I read several books on domestic violence. What I have discovered is that sexual predators are used to chase people who have been victims of abuse in the past and often do not even know it, they have a sort of sixth sense in choosing them.

How difficult is it to leave your characters behind?
I consider every new film an opportunity for growth. Wearing the shoes of another person teaches to be freer, not to be considered bankrupt when the career is not at its best or if you do not have a “normal” family with parties commanded to pass all together (Claire Foy has recently divorced from husband, the British actor Stephen Campbell Moore, with whom he has a daughter of three years). In these years, reading and studying scripts and people, I understood how the expectations of society are always and only a limit, never an incentive to do.

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