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Mirror – Actress Claire Foy is hoping to be victorious, happy and glorious at the Emmy Awards tomorrow after wowing 200 million viewers worldwide.

British star Claire – a young Queen Elizabeth in The Crown – is hotly tipped to be voted Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Yet despite her role alongside Matt Smith in the Netflix hit – plus huge parts in Little Dorrit and as Anne Boleyn in Wolf Hall – Claire can still walk down the street unrecognised.

And while enjoying the lack of intrusion, she admits she’s a little bit miffed!

Mum-of-one Claire, speaking ahead of the ceremony in Los Angeles, even said she would have to beg to get attention!

She said: “I am not joking. I’ve actually been out in my Queen’s wig and full costume for dinner in London while we’ve been shooting, and even then people [didn’t care].

“Me and Matt walked into a restaurant together and a woman went, ‘Oh, you look nice!’ I was like, ‘Are you joking!’

“It never happens. I was on the Tube – I mean, I can’t even tell you! Like, throw me a bone! Christ!”

Claire was on fine form as she told how producers bent over backwards to accommodate her once they decided she should play Elizabeth.

She was heavily pregnant and insisted that being allowed to breastfeed on set was “non negotiable”.

Claire, wed to actor Stephen Campbell Moore, 37, had a daughter in February 2015 – just before filming started.

She said: “I was obviously really pregnant, so I was like, ‘My baby would be three months old when I start this job’.

“And then I did a screen test dressed as the pregnant Queen, and they were like, ‘Yeah, we want you to do it.’

“And I was like, ‘I need to be able to breastfeed on location. I probably need a trailer for the baby.’ ‘Okay, sure.’

“I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I didn’t go massively power hungry. That’s where my demands stopped.

“I’m so grateful they decided I was the right person. I feel very, very lucky.

“And I know that is very unlikely in every other job that I do that I’ll have that free rein . . . which is a bit of a pun.”

Of life on set, she added: “There was a lot of walking around with child in pram, very tired listening to the Queen make Christmas speeches on my iPhone and reading and just cramming really.”

Claire said she only took the role after convincing herself she could juggle work with being a mum.

She said: “I didn’t know what physical state I would be in. You could be annihilated. But I also thought ‘what if I don’t respond well to it mentally?’

“It’s like ‘what if, what if, what if’?”

The actress also revealed she and co-star Matt , who plays Prince Philip, initially feared The Crown could be an expensive flop. Talking about the lavish £85million budget, she explained: “It was quite terrifying. It was the unknown. I looked at the actors, the directors and the writer and all the creative team and crew and I went, ‘this is something very, very special regardless of whether anyone likes it or not’.

“Because you’re so used to being in things nobody watches, or nobody cares about, or everyone thinks is rubbish and everyone’s got an opinion and blah, blah, blah’. And so it felt like, in a weird way, it felt like it was just for me.”

Claire’s fears were unfounded as the show became a massive success. Netflix , along with Left Bank Pictures, spared no expense in making the first series over a year.

It has since won a Golden Globe and been nominated for four BAFTAs – while Claire was voted outstanding actress at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in LA.

And the most uncomfortable on-set experience for Claire turned out not to be baby related at all.

She broke an elbow in a tumble at a friend’s wedding – then had to film scenes where the Queen mourns her father King George VI.

Looking back on her early days, Stockport-born Claire recalls suffering stage fright as a young actress. She overcame it and shot to fame with the BBC’s ­Dickensian drama Little Dorrit in 2008.

Claire said: “It was a real learning curve for me. I am quite expressive, loud and big and she was very contained and tiny and meek.”

She has finished work on the second series of The Crown, which airs at Christmas and will be her last.

And she added: “It’s wonderful to be part of something people have enjoyed. It’s very weird to suddenly be in a ­position where people think that you’re worth their attention. Even if at all ends from there, it is all really lovely.”

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