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The Sun – The star of the hit Netflix drama says she wouldn’t be willing to support the monarchy if people opposed its existence – and, as well as comparing Queen Elizabeth to Madonna, said she is delighted she doesn’t have to play her any more.

Claire Foy has made some surprising comments about her view on the Queen, whom she plays in The Crown
Mum of one Claire, a Stockport native who identifies as a “commoner”, has played the now-91-year-old monarch for two series, and is now handing over to an older actress.

And explaining why she was more than happy to stop playing the Queen, Claire told The Daily Mail’s Weekend mag: “I need change.

“I need to play somebody who’s able to communicate on a more open level. And that’s not Elizabeth.”

She added: “I’ve been released! I’m no longer her, so I feel like I’ve escaped!”

The Crown has wowed critics, though some fans think it is not critical enough of the monarchy
Asked her general feelings on the British monarchy, Claire was not brimming with praise, and said she wouldn’t “personally” feel inclined to support them.

She said: “I don’t know if the Royal Family will always carry on, and if they don’t, I don’t know that I’d be out there waving a placard saying ‘Save the Monarchy’!”

She went on: “I don’t know whether I’d personally be doing that at all…

“I think the monarchy only works if it’s a source of good, and the British monarchy has done very well at realising that they’re there to serve the public.”

But after playing her for two series – which she never expected to do when the project first came her way – Claire is well aware that Queen Elizabeth is a nuanced character.

Comparing her to a slightly less regal woman, Claire said of the Head of State: “She’s sort of timeless and bias-less, which is how she needs to be… A bit like Madonna, really!”

Claire – who stars in the upcoming Stieg Larsson sequel The Girl In The Spider’s Web – added that she admires the Queen for “making time for herself” by occasionally escaping from her royal duties.

Giving her thoughts on the constraints of the Queen’s life, she explained: “There were moments…. when I really understood that she was trapped where she was, that she couldn’t get out.”

However, Claire’s ability to empathise with the monarch is limited, as she admitted: “Some of the decisions she makes, I struggle with….

“But I think that through making this amazing show I will always have a small understanding of her, but also a huge amount of respect for her because of what she’s had to go through, and how difficult times have been for her.”

Quite unlike her on-screen alter-ego, who she plays for the last time in series two of The Crown this December, Claire says she has worked all kinds of jobs “except medical stuff”, including being a checkout assistant in Tesco.

She said: “[It was a] dream job because I’d always wanted to work on a till – seriously, when I was younger I used to sit and look at tills in the Argos catalogue, I was so obsessed with them.

“So when I started working at Tesco, I was thinking: ‘Okay! Here we go! Ping ping!’. I loved it.”

But now a career in movies and TV means relaxed days with her husband Stephen Campbell Moore and their daughter, who’s two-and-a-half, are “few and far between”.

Series two of The Crown is being released on December 8 on Netflix when it will be available to binge watch.

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